Where Does Getting a Local SIM Card Pay Off?

Have you ever heard any stories about unsuspecting international travelers coming back home to a bill of hundreds upon hundreds of dollars, all because they haven’t paid enough attention to all the details of their cell contract? It is pretty much safe to say that there is a lot of such stories out there, which is why you should always check the details of your cell contract. Although the situation is a little bit better today, using your phone in other countries can be pretty expensive. This is especially true if you are one of those people who travel overseas on a regular basis.

But there is no reason to worry though because the situation is not that bad. While avoiding excessive roaming charges may seem like a stunt that is pretty much impossible to pull off, it definitely can be done. Besides having your phone unlocked, there is just one more thing that you need to have in order to pull this stunt off, and that is a local SIM card. Of course, getting a local SIM card is always a good idea, but there are some countries out there where it really pays off. With that said, here are some countries where getting a local SIM card is especially worthwhile!

New Zealand

It is pretty much safe to say that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is full of stunning rainforests, towering mountains, and gorgeous environments. However, New Zealand has its disadvantages as well, and one of them is a pretty expensive Wi-Fi. In New Zealand, using cellular data is much better than using a wireless connection – just make sure to get their local SIM card first.


When it comes to Thailand, it is mostly known for being one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. Another thing that makes it a great travel destination is the fact that it is not as expensive as you might expect. While free wireless connections are very common in Thailand, their local SIM cards are so cheap that you might want to get one anyway.


Australia is a lot like New Zealand, especially when it comes to their Wi-Fi. While using a hotel’s Internet connection is not a bad solution at all, staying connected outside of major cities might be a problem for some people. That is why you should get one of their local Telstra SIM cards.